I am finally blogging! I have been an avid tweeter for about two years now, and I find Twitter to be an amazing tool for professional development, amusement, staying current with the latest news, and even a bit of social networking. I tweet primarily with Christians (mostly United Methodists, but a few strays too), educators, and techies; and I try to tweet or retweet information that I hope will be interesting across these disciplines.  I am sure that my religious tweets are sometimes a bit distracting to the educators, and my education focused tweets seem irrelevant to my Christian tweeps; but I hope they are sometimes useful as well. Despite the separation of church and state, I think we should be learning from one another and listening to words of wisdom from each other. Cross-pollination may lead to the creation of new ideas.

Twitter has, and will continue to be a great tool for me. But I have repeatedly found that there are occasions when 140 characters are inadequate to express my views.  So I am taking up blogging to fill that gap.  There are some topics that I am very passionate about, such as the United Methodist Council of Bishop’s Call To Action, my petition to the 2012 General Conference entitled “A More Equitable Salary”, education reform, on-line learning, the seeming taboo of the Bible in public schools, the elimination of extreme poverty, literacy and reading, racism, sexism, and the modern abolition movement. I would like to use this blog to speak in more depth on these topics. But in addition to just speaking, or writing about my own view, I hope that this blog will become a forum for discussion. So I invite you to comment, and join the conversation as well.

I look forward to this new adventure, and I welcome you to this journey.


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11 responses to “Cross-pollination

  1. John Meunier

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Holly. Happy blogging.


  2. Wayne Wiatt

    Holly, congrats on your blogosphere!


    • Thanks Wayne, I’m hoping my blog will help bridge the gap between the arenas of the education world and the Christian community. We have many common concerns and issues that I believe we should be discussing and working on together.


  3. Hope your new journey bears much good fruit for you & others!


  4. I wouldn’t worry about how your followers see your tweets, there is not expectation to be one-dimensional online. Honestly, I don’t understand or care to follow those who are one dimensional. #boring


    • I have been wondering about the need to “focus” my blogging on one area as some folks recommend. I’m concluding that I need to write about many different dimensions of my life. Time will tell how this works out, I guess. I am me, and I will use my voice and my laptop to God’s glory (I hope).


  5. Education is a very important part of what the church does, so it is important to hear from those who are passionate about education and Christianity. We are an association of people who are leaders in fostering discipleship through Christian education. We are primarily United Methodist, but do reach out to others as well. Feel free to connect at .


  6. I am aware of CEF, and I am delighted that you are reading my blog. Certainly, educators who work within the church and those who work outside the church can learn from each other. As a pastor and as a public school reading teacher, I see READING and LITERACY as a connecting point. The Bible is high interest reading to many students even in public schools,and knowing HOW to read is certainly of importance within the church. Educators should certainly be able to learn from one another wherever their paycheck may come from….


  7. Glad you’re blogging. Your theme is important and I look forward to reading your thoughts and insights.


  8. Hi Holly, Thanks for a wonderful first post. I really like the notion of cross-pollination. I enjoy reading a diversity of viewpoints and perspectives, and find myself mainly tweeting about education, but sometimes moving into political and family realms too. I look forward to your future posts. Thanks for sharing.


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