A New Kind of Christian-

Retired United Methodist pastor turned into a public school teacher

(certified to teach English 6-12, social studies 6-12, middle grades integrated curriculum 5-9, humanities K-12, reading)


Eternal Student-

Currently enrolled at the University of Central Florida certificate of e-learning program


Adventurous Prude Determined to Follow Jesus

Literacy Advocate


Novice Gardener


Find me on Twitter @halehawk

Find my avitar, Hale Shergood, in my tree house on the Alviso sim of Second Life

One response to “About

  1. Hi, Holly:
    I’d like to reprint your blog post about your petition re clergy salaries on United Methodist Insight, http://um-insight.net. In case you’re unfamiliar with us, this is an educational project about issues coming before General Conference. I hope you’ll let us add your voice to the many using our site for pre-General Conference discussions. Thanks.


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